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Our Story

Maharashtra has a rich heritage of traditions, as time passed and generations changed we started to move away from these traditions.

This is where Patil Wada stands out.

Patil Wada was developed so that you and your companions can experience the rich heritage of our culture.


Our Hotel

At Patil Wada, we make sure to take you to the time of the pinnacle of Maratha culture. 
'Patil' was a designation given to the person who was given the responsibility of the area.

They used to live lavish lives and used to enjoy the Privileges and luxuries of the time. 

We take you back in that time!


The Theme

At Patil Wada, we have used pieces that reflect the time of the 'Patils' 
You will get the experience lavishness, equipment, infrastructure, the lifestyle of the 'Patil'.

So come stay with us and become the "Patil' of today.

Relaxing Stay

The Rooms are specially designed to give you the feel of the time.

With timeless pieces, that will show you how things were in those times while giving you the comfort of modern technology and a cozy stay.

Gold Foil Texture

20% of All The Yearly Revenue Goes To Various Charities

Our Owner


Hotelier ( Since 8 Years )

Owner of Two Hotels 

Builder ( Since 25 Years )

" My Vision In Creating Patil Wada Was To Show People The Lifestyle That I Saw.

And To Make That Experience  Accessible To The Everyone.

So Come And Stay With Us And Experience The 'Patil Wada' "

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